5.1 Summary of findings
The distances in which the plants were placed from the Internet router affected the growth of the plants such that the closer the plant was to the router, the slower and less healthy it grew.
From the above, we can conclude that microwaves emitted from the Internet router slows down the growth of plants. The higher the exposure, the slower the growth.

5.2 Practical application
Children's exposure to microwaves and radiation from devices such as mobile phones and GPS should be reduced as far as possible. This is because the microwaves can hinder their growth, both physically and mentally.

This could also give an idea to mobile phone, modem, game system and other device developers to develop devices that emit lesser microwaves.

5.3 Areas for further study
We can study how microwaves affect the nervous system and the brain cells.

We can also study microwaves themselves, such as how they travel, how far they travel, their strength and how to reduce the strength.

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