2.1 Equipment list:

-       Internet router (the internet router in engineering lab)
-       Packet of green beans
-       Packet of soybeans
-       Packet of red kidney beans
-       Three 250ml bottles to water the plants
-       Ikea boxes
-       Ikea metal pots
-       Soil
-       Ruler
-       Measuring tape
-       Chopsticks
-       LED Lights (Sim Lim Square)
-       Duct tape
-       Clear tape

2.2 Procedure and diagrams.

1. Measure out the soil equally among the pots:
(6cm from the bottom of the container)

2. Plant 6 seeds of the same type in each pot
(6 pots with 7 beans of same type planted x 4 types of beans = 24 pots)

3. Place plants on the table at The Mirrors (Level 3) for growth (2 weeks), ensuring plants have been watered sufficiently with sufficient amount of water everyday (as assigned, two bottle caps on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and four bottle caps on Thursdays and Fridays, sufficient for the weekends.)

After growth for 2 weeks:

4. Place pots in boxes with LED light taped on the top of the box with zero sunlight access.
ISS diagrams 1.png
Fig.1. Layout of boxes and distances from the router.

5. Water pots everyday with two bottle caps on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and four bottle caps on Thursdays and Fridays.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 7.01.31 PM.png
Fig.2. Layout of pots in box.

Data collection.

1.Collate measurements of plants' stem height and leaf widths respectively for each pot in the six different boxes located at different distances from the router.

2.3 Risk Assessment and Management.

1.   Risk: Possibility of electrocution when setting up lights
Precaution: When configuring wires, do not turn on switch. When ready to test, keep hands of wires before turning on switch. Make sure there are no open wires and to duct tape wire connectors.

2.   Risk: Possibility of accidentally cutting ourselves with wire cutters, penknives and screwdrivers, etc

Precaution: Do not point tools at each other and do not play and joke around when doing task

2.4 Data Analysis.

1.    Collate measures of height of plant stems and width of plant leaves respectively. The general well being of the plants is also noted. (e.g wilting)

2.    Tabulate data in a table, showing the differences in plant growths.

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