Research Title:

An investigation on the effects of internet router microwaves on green, soy and kidney beans.

Aniksha Malik (01)
Clarie Sng (02)
Jordan Lim (04)
Potluri Sai (05)
S203, 2014


Internet routers emit harmful microwaves. And these damaging microwaves surround us with every step we take. Thus, this scientific research project studies how the harmful microwaves are bound to affect plants. With the measurements of stem heights leaf lengths, over different distances from the internet router within a period of seven days, we have obtained our data. We can conclude that the distances in which the plants were placed from the Internet router affected the growth of the plants. The closer the plant was to the router, the slower and it grew. From the above, we can conclude that microwaves emitted from the Internet router slows down the growth of plants. The higher the exposure, the slower the growth. This research could also motivate an idea to mobile phone, modem, game system and other device developers to develop devices that emit lesser microwaves. We can also study how microwaves affect the nervous system and the brain cells in the future.

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